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Originally Posted by Anansi View Post
Don't we already have this thread? I want to say Mr Crow started it.
Crow did start it, but it died out about a month ago.

I agree that having a centralized place to raise grievances about the site's performance should happen, and if HED wants it to be here, might as well.

Just as an aside, my load times to access the site this morning were 14s from typing in the address and an addition 10s to get the top level of the forum. Moving between individual forum threads, opening up posts from users on ignore, and replying to posts are also similarly time consuming.

I don't use any script blockers, I'm in the second-largest metro area in Arizona, and I don't generally have lag issues elsewhere. Performance on mobile is similar (and likely crappier because of my mobile provider).

So yes, let's continue talking about this problem.
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