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Since this thread was last active, we got the new war chests. The ihan-rii are yet another new protoss faction that Blizz pulled out of thin air. Egon Stetman has become a walking punchline. He cannot remember what happened five seconds ago and programs robot zerg to act like domestic dogs.

Damn, that is a huge change from the dark and edgy atmosphere of SC1. It’s a huge change from SC2, which while cartoony still pretended to be serious. The new comics are a blatant sitcom.

I’d probably be upset if I hadn’t been told a few years ago that Starcraft’s writing had always been questionable at best. The subplot about the zerg invading Koprulu just to capture Kerry because she’s a special snowflake is probably what broke my SoD when I went back to analyze the story in retrospect. SC1 has a serious atmosphere, but when you stop to critically think about the story you realize how silly it is.
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