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This is more wishful thinking than prediction, but here it goes:

- Sylvanas is dealt with in 8.3.5. We ally with the Death entities to stop her. She's not killed, but her plans are revealed and we set them back for now.
- "New" Continents: Revamped Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, 10 years timeskip.
- Level squish. Levels are divided by three. 120 becomes 40. New max level: 60.
- Can level up from 1 to 60 in the new continents. Zones divided between 1-40, 20-40 and 40-60 brackets (1/3 of the zones are in last bracket).
- Old versions of Kalimdor/EK still available and optional, ranging from 1-40. All old expansions range 20-40.
- Classes keep somewhat like now, but added back lots of utility and skill-based abilities. Several talents become baseline. Six talent rows, one every 10 levels. Every spec has at least one talent row that is about choosing your playstyle (like between Frost DK with one 2h or two 1h weapons). Skills are not auto-learned anymore, instead you have a skill tree that you gain points as you level up and is maxed at 60.
- Allied races now start at level 6.
- Both hero classes start at level 18.
- New class: tinker. Specs are tank that rides a mech, ranged DPS using guns and explosives, chemist healer. For gnomes, goblins, dark irons, mag'har, mechagnomes and vulpera.
- Tons of customization options added for all races. Most of them are unlocked through gameplay. Includes scars, tatoos and even alternate visuals for some races (wildhammer dwarf, highborne night elf, clan skins for normal orcs and more).
- New class combos. Worgen shaman, night elf paladin, void elf paladin, mechagnome shaman, goblin monk, lightforged monk, tauren rogue, highmountain rogue, undead paladin, nightborne paladin and pandaren druid (yeah).
- You can now collect alternate visuals for skills (through glyphs, questing, achievements, and so on). You can change them in a class trainer. Includes undead/void monsters in place of demons for warlocks, holy visuals for Shadow Priest, void versions of paladin spells and so on. Some race/class combos start with different visuals as default (like the void elf paladin or night elf priest).
- Kalimdor themed on exploration and wonder. Also night elf/Horde conflict, and Draenor fauna and flora has spread over the continent.
- Eastern Kingdoms themed on politics and border conflicts between the many kingdoms and city-states.
- Old allied races incorporated into the zones. Can now be unlocked easilly by doing local questlines centered on them.
- Many threats: Amani Covenant, return of Hakkar, botani expansion, Sylvanas' death cultists, the Black Empress (the entity formerly known as Xal'atath) building her own empire on the Wounded Lands (former Silithus/Ahn'Qiraj).
- Many heroes retired, lots of former child/teenage characters getting bigger roles (Galadin and Giramar, Dagran Thaurissan, Arator, Zekhan, Durak)
- Sorry for any typos; english's not my primary language.

- A better signature coming soon(ish).

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