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Originally Posted by Triceron View Post
If you completely wipe out an enemy, then there's no question about the enemy ever doing anything to harm you again. That's the goal of eradicating the Orcs.

It may be completely stupid since there are many examples of good Orcs; but just one bloodthirsty Orc was able to cause extreme devastation to Theramore and all its citizens, as well as potentially have killed the future king of Stormwind and caused countless Alliance deaths. Let's not forget that the existence of the Horde is the reason Sylvanas was able to engage the '4th war'.

In terms of Daelin's goals and looking at current events in retrospect, he had a point with dismantling the Horde and killing the Orcs. If WC2 ended with the Orcs completely wiped out, we wouldn't have any Warcraft sequels. The Alliance would remain on Azeroth as it always had.

From there, the story goes two ways - either it remains in peace, or it gets threatened by a new 3rd party threat (Scourge, Old God, Legion). Without the Horde to provide a reason to maintain an active military (the whole theme of Mists of Pandaria), we'd probably see a repeat of the Fall of Lordaeron.
That is why I had made the Doomhammer Was Right caption to troll people who said that way back when. It is the same thinking but reversed. If you kill all of the Alliance there is peace... except you know, kind of Hitlerian that.

If the Horde was slaughtered the Alliance would probably turn in on itself as people without enemies usually do. Ner'zul's Horde would still come back in through the DP, the Legion would still be scheming, etc, etc. History would largely turn out the same probably, as you say. We do have Bronze dragons claiming that without the Horde the world would fall to demons during Hyjal however.
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