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Originally Posted by TerrorhoofMayo View Post
I'm still here. I just don't check this place as often since it's slowed down so much. I did join the discord but I barely check that also.
Ah. I'm sorry for being presumptuous.

Getting back on-topic, has anyone seen this video showcasing Bastion:

A tauren arrives and is told he has to forget his family and is then turned into a blue human(the kyrians). All souls have to do this if they want to ascend in rank in Bastion. This feels rather disturbing that you have to forget all you loved ones and then be turned into something not resembling in the least your mortal form. And as someone on the official forums put it better then I could:

"The lore of Bastion destroys the native faiths of Tauren and Orc ancestry veneration. It would be pretty awkward for you to contact the spirits of your honored ancestors and be answered by some random blue human that only vaguely remembers who you’re supposed to be."
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