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Originally Posted by Ujimasa Hojo View Post
Don't overthink it too much.

Warlods of Draenors was basically centered on the premise of cameos from Old Horde leaders. This one's simply gonna be centered on glorified cameos from dead characters.

Take Kael for example. Apparently, his last shenanigans was due to pride.
Taken from the Shadowlands Retcon thread over in the lore section. With that in mind, who else are we going to be seeing?

What we know:
Bastion: Uther
Maladraxxus: Draka
Ardenweald: Ursoc (
Revendreth: Kael'thas

If I were to pick more for each -
Bastion: Reginald Windsor
Maladraxxus: Garrosh
Ardenweald: Zaetar, perhaps Ysera (unless being turned into a constellation precludes that).
Revendreth: Garithos, perhaps Malygos?

The Maw (Undeserving) - Shadra, Zelling, Rezan, maybe Rastakhan (I mean Bwonsamdi was right there to collect the soul, I doubt he lost it), Delaryn's druid boyfriend,
(Deserving) - Kel Thuzad, Arthas, Deathwing?

To name a few.......
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