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An interview with interesting tidbits:

-The undead night elves from Darkshore have rejoined the Alliance. Sylvanas used their rage and grief at feeling like they were abandoned by Elune to manipulate them into serving her. Now Calia and Derek are rehabilitating them for a new "life." (UPDATE: Steve Danuser clarified on twitter that the night elf dark rangers rejoining the Alliance was a miscommunication with the interviewer, they're still Horde).

-Sylvanas being "Garrosh 2.0" was intentional. Her line "ours is a cycle of hatred" from the expansion cinematic was intentional foreshadowing of this. The story they wanted to tell was the Horde falling into the exact same issues as before, but then Saurfang would "break the cycle" by having a peaceful resolution instead of there being another Siege of Orgrimmar. Now the Horde for the first time is capable of learning and moving on, while the Alliance is fracturing.

-The aftermath of the Fourth War will be an important part of the storyline in Shadowlands. There will be faction content and story content, especially about Teldrassil.

-Staring with WoD, they've had a trend of giving your character a title that NPCs will address you as in voiced lines instead of your name. In WoD it was Commander, Legion it was your class order title, BfA was Champion, and in Shadowlands it will be "Maw Walker."

-They probably won't do another world revamp like Cata ever again. The new leveling system in Shadowlands will circumvent the issues since new players won't level in EK and Kalimdor at all, and Cata took too much work as it was.

-Interview ends with Danuser pretty strongly implying that N'Zoth is not dead and we did exactly what he wanted us to do.

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