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If I'm gauging things right from the (admittedly limited) information pertaining to the leveling squish, most of the old world will become one of several leveling options for 11-50 to choose from alongside each of the old expansions, the racial starter zones will remain optional alternatives to the new shared Shadowlands-related 1-10 starter zone, and Shadowlands will be the new max-level 51-60 zones. Though as far as real estate involved compared to expansions one could argue that it'd make sense for Kalimdor and the EK to each be treated as their own "path."

That will potentially allow them to avoid having to adjust the entire world's balance and stats every time there's a new expansion. Instead, all they'll have to do is knock the player's stats back to 50, implement the newest expansion as the next 51-60, and scale down the previous one's content to become another range of 11-50 old world content.

With so many optional paths for 1-50 to (hypothetically) keep leveling alts from getting repetitive, they could theoretically make a new practice of each expansion bringing its own contemporary, thematically appropriate starter zone for 1-10 to start familiarizing new players with the current expansion's story right away. So instead of churning out new isolated starters every time there's a new player race or class, they could feasibly roll any new classes' or races' introductory quests going forward into a shared starter experience that ties into the newest expansion's associated themes and backstories.

The old world's not going away, but it makes sense that they don't want to revamp it either, as even in its current story state under the new scaling system it will serve as one more variable "time-locked" path for leveling from 11-50 just like the old expansions' continents will become.

Insofar as portraying contemporary events in the old world, it's hard to say where they'll go with tat (beyond the pre-expansion event, that is.) The way Warfronts' subsequent iterations were rolled out doesn't exactly suggest that they worked out as viable content; between multi-difficulty dungeons, multi-difficulty raids, world quests, the patches' catch-up gear systems and instanced PvP, BfA very much felt like there were already too many preexisting gear sources to accommodate the addition of the new Warfront and Island Expedition mechanics, so both of them fell kind of flat.

Heck, I didn't even realize there was a Heroic Darkshore Warfront until it had been around for two weeks because it was given zero fanfare whatsoever, like even as the Devs released it they kept mum because they weren't really sure where it could even fit into the gearing curve by that point. So it feels moderately likely that they may either go completely back to the conceptual drawing board or just chuck the Warfront idea altogether.

Though frankly, I felt Warfronts would have been more appropriate as a way to have the player defend and/or reclaim familiar locales in Azeroth against demonic assaults during Legion anyway. Always seemed to me a waste to resurrect all these RTS visual themes and assets from WarCraft 3 as part of an expansion whose story had nothing to do with that of WarCraft 3. BfA was basically the "faction war expansion," hearkening back to the First and Second Wars, yet they packed the Warfronts with stuff from WC3, the only RTS where the Alliance and Horde barely fought each other.

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