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Originally Posted by BaronGrackle View Post
A game based on the historical wars and conflicts that occurred prior to the Dark Portal being opened.

Standard Factions: Humans, Elves, Trolls, Eredar
Expansion Factions: Orcs, Dwarves
Subfactions?: Different groups in the same race could have distinctions, such as the Burning Legion and the Draenei (both Eredar). For examples, think of the Age of Empires games, in which all factions are humans with the same tech tree, but some have specific advantages and maybe a unique unit.

Standard Campaigns

1) Eredar Campaign: Flight from Argus
Play as Velen's followers, fleeing Kil'jaeden and the corrupted Eredar who attempt to hunt you down. Perhaps depict some of the worlds that Velen fled to, between Argus and Draenor, and the battles that occurred there.

2) Elf Campaign: War of the Ancients
Play as the proto Elves, primarily against the Eredar (demons). Perhaps include Illidan's antics and the division of the High Elves and the Night Elves.

3) Troll Campaign: The Age of Zul'Aman
Play as the Amani Trolls at the height of their empire, in their conflicts against other Troll tribes and the High Elves, and then a taste of battle against the Humans.

4) Human Campaign: Arathor
Begin in the midst of the Troll Wars, allying and gaining gifts from the High Elves. End with the fragmentation of the Seven Kingdoms and perhaps a touch of infighting between them.

Expansion Campaigns

1) Dwarf Campaign: The Three Hammers
Play through the Dwarven Civil War, which ends in the banishment of the Wildhammers and the Dark Irons from Ironforge. Then play through the War of the Three Hammers. The campaign switches between different subfactions at different times.

2) Orc Campaign: Rise of the Horde
Play as the orcs during their war against the Draenei eredar. After Kil'jaeden abandons you, fall into civil war between the orcish clans. Finally aid the construction of the Dark Portal, discover what it feels like to sack a human village, take Blackrock Spire from some Dark Iron Dwarves, and end with the First Battle of Stormwind.... an extremely difficult mission that adjusts your objectives to survival, when it becomes clear that you will fail. However, a skilled player can actually pull off a non-canonical victory, bringing an early end to the First War and implying that the rest of Azeroth is doomed.
I love it!

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