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Since the last post we released our newest multiplayer map, Garden of War

Also revealed the plan to create new mini campaigns telling events of the first two war we didn't see in the original game. For example a warcraft 2 prequel campaign for both sides (orc- How Orgrim reformed the Horde, human- The exodus of Lothar to Lordaeron), or a Cho'gall one that tell how the Ogre-mage found new masters after the events of the Tomb of Sargeras. Each of these mini campaigns would last around 3-5 maps. I attached a picture of our Garden of War remake and the second map of the Cho'gall campaign. On this map the Horde and Alliance wages war on an island near the Broken Isles. Unknown to both sides however, Twilight Hammer Cultists already infiltrated their ranks. You must gather these cultist and destroy both bases to win. The Horde and Alliance will send troops against you and each other so you will have multiple ways to defeat them like weakening their defenses and so they destroy each other.
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