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Originally Posted by MisterCrow View Post
The question I get into with Uther is whether it's mounted paladins from WC2 or infantry paladins from WC3. Mounted paladins would at least afford an ability to close quickly, which could help against squishier ranged units. Alternatively, Uther and his units being a slow-roll deathball of self-heals would be able to ignore ranged damage long enough to close anyway; it would just take longer.
Well, I imagine Uther being a commander with a hero unit (though, most of my concepts for this was build around having a hero most of the time as warcraft 3 itself is far more hero centric). If I'd adapt the human race for his forces, I'd turn his footman into Squires (with a divine shield ability that absorbs a few hitpoints?) and his Knights into Paladins or Crusaders (perhaps with a more wc2 look).

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