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I love this idea!

I think that Warcraft 3 already has some of this built in considering Heroes are already a part of the game and your picks tend to influence your builds towards a certain type of unit combo to compliment your Hero picks. However, I'll assume this is for a PVE mode and meant to be played in co-op.

I think it would be interesting to visit heroes not already in Warcraft 3 as commanders, so here's a few ideas.

Knights of the Silver Hand
- The Silver Hand during the events of Warcraft 3. Join the Silver Hand on a holy crusade to purge Lordaeron of all its enemies.

Playstyle: Holy Crusade
This style is a melee-oriented powerhouse that relies on strong, armored units and holy magic to outlast the opponent. Knights and Priests are the primary focus units.

- Knights can be upgraded to Crusaders. Crusaders have a Charge ability, similar to Zealots in SC2. The Holy Lance upgrade will imbue their Charge ability to deal bonus Magic damage. This allows them to make short work of melee and get straight to ranged units

For Lordaeron!
- All units are formally Lordaeron soldiers and have a strong tie to the Holy Light. Through upgrades, their strength in their faith can give them Spell Resistance and lower duration of debuffs. They also increased healing from all sources by 20%.
This makes all units a bit more durable against magic-heavy compositions.

- Access to Alexandros Mograine. He is an offense-oriented hero. He wields the Ashbringer, which has a chance to blast opponents with blinding light, dealing holy damage and causing nearby enemies miss. His abilities would be based on Uther in Heroes of the Storm, dishing out armor through heals and stunning enemies. His ultimate is Divine Storm, and instead of a cooldown its holy power is charged up by casting spells and healing allies.

This is the first of my ideas and it's based on my love of playing Paladin/MK/Knight comboes in 3v3 games.

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