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More than anything else, Ner'zhul proved to be apt student of the nature of other beings. He knew which buttons to push and which events to influence down to the smallest details in order to create the desired result. His expanded consciousness allowed him to do so on a level of precision beyond that of a being with a limited, mortal range of sight and apprehension. This all allowed him to predict things because he could measure with near-certainty how they would turn out by accounting for every variable he could, which amounts to a great deal more than any other beings can.

As for true foresight, claiming to "know the future" is likely more the conceit that comes with such immense knowledge and preception than a literal reality. The Lich King cannot account for things beyond his perception, and even his is limited at least to the sphere of Azeroth itself. Events on other worlds could ultimately upset his predeterminations when the ramifications of said events reached Azeroth.

The only being with a true level of foresight would be Nozdormu, and a vital part of said foresight is his inability (or strict, duty-bound unwillingness) to alter undeirable outcomes. If we someday defeat the Scourge, and the Lich King could truly predict the future, then one would expect him to know it's coming and thrash about trying to prevent it no matter how inevitable it was. Additionally, he'd have known his efforts were futile as far back as the events of WC3. The belief in knowing the future often only lasts as long as the future looks bright and fortuitous for the seer himself.
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