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Originally Posted by Kir the Wizard View Post
NO NO NO! This is wowpedia-induced fanon from trying to attribute unique TBC fel orc models to chaos orcs being a different subspecies!

1) TFT had NO "bony protrusions" on Fel Orcs, despite, well, introducing them.

2) Fel Orcs were not just added to the Horde unit pool. The previous "Chaos Orcs" were completely removed from existence by the nature of rename (especially tedious in Russian translation, which had them change from "Dark Orcs" to "Draenor Orcs")

3) Chaos Orcs have never, ever been mentioned again. All of their units (including Grom's model) became fel orcs.

4) The "simply red orcs without bony protrusions" do appear in TBC among all of the Fel Orc armies - usually as raiders and mages (that includes one of their chieftains, Grillok Darkeye). The reason? Animation differences. That is all. That is all the difference between the two. The unique Fel Orc model just isn't good with headgear/riding animations. There is no secret difference.

tl;dr: Chaos Orcs were never referred again after the rename, non-bony fel orcs are the result of animation differences.
Afaik, the protrusions aren't natural. The orcs get them intentionally, they aren't fel mutations. Someone should fix wowpedia.
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