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Default Who is Kargin Ironknee?

Kargin Ironknee. He's a mountain king dwarf. He's inside the files of most TFT Campaign maps. He has the same stats on most of those maps, but he is modified to be different in another ones.

Blizzard's joke, or something different? Or just nothing?

There's always an item with him, called "book of beards". In "Into the Shadow Web Caverns", chapter 7, part one, of the Legacy of the Damned campaign of TFT, there's a place named Kargin's forge.

In some maps, his and book's name is codified, so you can't read it.

I'm making a research on all the files of the campaign maps. I have only finished with the TFT Undead Campaign, but I'm going to check every campaign map of the game to see if there's any possibility for him to actually appear in-game.

This guy is everywhere. Half of the maps have references to him. This is madness.

Your opinions?

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