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Default Of Worlds and Souls, a Thread of Titans and the Cosmos

I’ve been thinking about this for some time. I want to speculate on the nature of the World that would eventually become each Titan, and how they came to Order. Bonus round is what Azeroth will be like when she wakes up.

Aman’Thul: I’m imagining a windswept Desert world. It may have only come to order after all else on it had died, Aman’Thul arising through shear patience.

Eonar: a verdant forest world. Basically the Emerald Dream in the Material Plane. She came to order through having a perfectly tuned and balanced eco-system.

Norgannon: an Ice World, but with people who loved knowledge and magic. Perhaps his inhabitants ascended to a higher plane of pure knowledge and helped him awaken on this one.

Khaz’goroth: a rocky, possibly volcanic world that was brought to order when the people perfected their craftsmanship. Maybe.

Golganeth: a water world, prone to Storms. Originally Golganeth was to be the son of Eonar and Aman’Thul. Perhaps they worked together to calm his storms.

Aggramar: Honestly I have no idea.

Sargeras: again, I have no idea.

Argus: we kinda already know

Azeroth: The world is defined by conflict, from the Elemental Wars to the Battle for Azeroth. She’s been through 2 Sunderings and has been stabbed by Sargeras. She’s probably got serious scars. I imagine her being a powerful War Goddess.
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