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Originally Posted by ARM3481 View Post
I dunno...given Draenor and Azeroth, I'd like to think such worlds would similarly be widely varied in their environments rather than fitting into the "entire planet of just one ecosystem" trope.

Especially when one considers that the titans are essentially the ultimate avatars of Order in the universe and it frequently comes across to me like complex ecosystems rife with myriad forms of complex life represent one of the ultimate expressions of Order at work. They also seem to go out of their way to cultivate life on Azeroth's surface, as if perhaps doing so is necessary to ensuring the world-soul's continued growth and eventual emergence.

Based on Chronicle , Azeroth's soul taking in so much Spirit and stalling the growth of non-elemental life on its surface was a unique situation, or at least a very rare one. Had the Old Gods never arrived to spew aqir and n'raqi all over and engage in their wars for dominance or had the titans never arrived to Order things, that circumstance arguably could have even led to Azeroth's world-soul never reaching maturity for lack of anything mortal systematically being born, living, then dying to produce more Spirit (and since the elementals seemingly didn't stay dead back in those days, their conflicted existence quite possibly wouldn't have provided that necessary "ingredient.") Perhaps it would have even died off if it had continued hogging all of the Spirit without varied and balanced ecosystems of life and death on the surface continually generating Spirit to replace what was being taken.

Additionally at this point the only titan whose world seems to have reached maturity on its own is Aman'thul's. Though one never knows if perhaps some other, non-titan agency saw the potential in that first world-soul and did something to spur its awakening instead, be it an external force or the inhabitants of his planet advancing to the point of inadvertently or deliberately instigating his emergence. However it happened, after him each subsequent titan in the Pantheon was Ordered and awakened through the efforts of Aman'thul and his slowly growing posse of fellow titans rather than a happenstance of the direction life took on their surfaces.

And again considering their emphasis on using Order to especially proliferate life on worlds, it would seem that things like balanced ecosystems and the evolution of complex life (perhaps specifically to the point of intelligence, given Intellect's association with the arcane) on planets may play a vital role in allowing the world-souls within to reach maturity and awaken, rather than such qualities being limited to the thematic "type" of the titan inside.
Perhaps, but remember also that Azeroth is so much more powerful (and larger?) than any Titan before her........ And bear in mind that when she first started (and after being brought to order), there was but one Continent. In fact do correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems to me the more desolate places on Azeroth are results of Catastrophism (The Barrens from the Death of Aggamagan, Burning Steppes from Ragnaros, Tanaris and the like from the Mogu vs. the Tol’vir etc.). Azeroth probably had some variety, but most of it came later and not at all naturally.

But you are right, the propagation of life does seem to be a key part to the recipe. Whether that’s something Eonar brought to the table or whether it’s universal is worth considering. Also, Aman’Thul is the only one we can confirm having gone through this process without outside aid. He might have met one or two who also awoke naturally, but it seems the majority of the Pantheon came about with direct intervention from other Titans.
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