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Interesting ideas, but as ARM said I think I prefer my planets diverse enough. Maybe your ideas can be translated as general themes for the planets ecosystems.

On a sidenote, has it ever been revealed how a World Soul awakens as a Titan? I mean what happens literally? Is it the planet taking humanoid shape? Or is it the planet somehow materialising another "body" for the World Soul to inhabit when it is ready (as a kind of moon in the planet's vincinity, or I don't know)?

In any case, these "births" must be cataclysmic for any civilisation or even any lifeform on the Titans planet.
In the first case everything on the surface would be ripped appart, without mentioning the gravitional chaos it would become.
In the case of a moon-body appearing and then leaving when the Titan decides to, you would have massive tide shifts on the planet's surface.

I prefer the moon-body theory as it would be possible to explain how entire civilisations are not wiped out when the World Soul becomes a Titan, with magic and other fantasy shenanigans.
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