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Originally Posted by Kynrind View Post
Waking up at 6-7-8 am to go to school is not early. It's only early if you stayed up after 9-11 pm till after midnight or in the early AM. If you're staying up that late then complaining about being tired in the morning.. go to bed earlier?

Sheesh, complaining about getting up early.. Kids these days..
What about this?

Strangely enough sending your teenager to bed earlier won't help. That's because the circadian rhythm of a child's body changes at puberty.

Circadian rhythm is the internal body clock that regulates biological processes in a 24 hour cycle. This internal clock is controlled by two pin-head sized structures in the brain called the suprachiasmatic nucleus or SCN.

The SCN ensures certain body functions work in harmony with our sleep wake cycle including body temperature, urine production, and hormone secretion like melatonin which is key to helping us sleep.

So you know how you feel when you get jet lagged - when your cirdadian rhythm is disrupted? Well - when we wake up teenagers too early that's what it's like for them. Because when children hit puberty they experience a shift in their natural sleep-wake cycles

This shift means that adolescents have trouble going to sleep early, will stay up late, and would get up late if we let them. Plus studies also show this shift makes them excessively sleepy in the morning.
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