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Has interesting information about the United State's public school system. Some things that stuck out to me.
  • According to Waiting for Superman, from 1971 to today, America has gone from spending an average of $4,300 per student to $9,000 per student, (adjusting for inflation). Though money doubled, reading and math scores have flat-lined. And US schools produce lower test scores than many comparable countries despite spending more on education than any other country
  • What’s more, although America is falling behind in math, our kids are first in confidence. American students get terrible math scores compared to their international peers, but they think they’re great in math—in fact, they have more confidence in their math skills than students from any other country.
  • No one denies that teaching is a hard gig. But the point made in Superman is this: some teachers are just not meant for the job. In most fields, people who prove they’re incompetent are stripped of their credentials. But teaching, the film says, is the exception. For example, in Illinois, one in every 57 doctors and one in every 97 lawyers lose their license, but only 1 in 2,500 teachers lose their credentials. The reason? Big union contracts that give every teacher tenure after 2 years, regardless of how good they are.
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