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Originally Posted by Mungo View Post
I seem to remember that the broken use the female tauren model, but do the forest trolls share a model with anything else?
Original TBC Broken models were based on Tauren models with custom heads. If you use the Mark of the Ashtongue toy to turn into a broken, you'll notice their animations (including dance) and laugh sound files are the same as tauren's.

There's an unfinished female broken model in the files that use female tauren's, but headless.

Argus Broken models are based on standard Draenei's, however. The fact that they went the extra mile of redoing the model, instead of just updating the old one, makes me hopeful that these new models may be prototypes for playable ones. Unlike the old Broken model, the new ones can't equip gear, thought.

They could use the new Broken model as a prototype for a playable broken. Even the head animations are ready (you can see two of them "talking" in the Krokuun base, and the Argussian Caste quartermaster also react to your clicks), thought there are a few things that need fixing. A female Broken model could be based on female draenei as well.

As for trolls: TBC forest trolls and WotLK Ice Trolls are based on playable troll models. Their body proportions are warped so they appear buffier, and their heads are also changed (Forest Trolls and Ice Trolls have essentially the same body, but different heads; and ice trolls have better skin textures as well). They have animations (including dance) based on playable trolls.

I could see Blizzard taking the updated playable troll models and using them as a base to make new forest (maybe even ice) troll models.
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