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Originally Posted by Krainz View Post
Would you grab it if people made custom naval maps and campaigns?
I'd need naval tech trees as distinct as the land and air tech trees, instead of everyone buying the same things from a Goblin Shipyard. The Command and Conquer/Red Alert series has managed that for decades.

OR I'd probably get it if there was a new human campaign based on Jaina... or someone who wasn't Arthas. I've mentioned before that one of my biases is I can't enjoy Arthas as an Alliance hero in the same way that I can't enjoy Anakin Skywalker as a Jedi hero. I want to play an Alliance story and feel like my characters are loyal to the Alliance. I know many people don't feel this way, but that's just me.

Frozen Throne breathed new life into the Alliance and Horde tech trees, but it offered no story campaign for either. Wouldn't that be something, if Reforged offered us two new campaigns for Alliance and Horde in the Frozen Throne era? The first use of Demolishers and the Tauren reunion with Spirit Walkers... the Dragon Hawk and Gryphon Riders flying side by side... I'd pay if that were in an official campaign.

The point is I'd need something big and new. Not just better graphics and altered cutscenes. Those I can just watch on Youtube, while playing the original WCIII.

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