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Originally Posted by Yaskaleh View Post
There's probably some who got something against it, in the same way that some people goes into a tran wreckin rage when an asian or black role goes to a white actor.
It's a bit hypocritic that complaining about a germanic god or mythologic character being acted by someone other then a germanic is somehow being viewed almost as a hate crime when a similar issue but of the opposite kind is applaused as something good.
I am fine with being against it but its nothing new and those who got angry about it are either okay with it now since the actor did a good job or simply don't watch it. This is the second Thor film so to me even bringing it up is random as well >.<. It is like getting annoyed that Nick Fury being black after he has been so in the past so many movies >.<. I dunno it makes no sense to me is all.

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