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The gate during Mission VI is pretty heavily guarded, so the zerg wouldn't just be able to run in and take over the gate. Plenty of time to shut it down.
But I'm fairly certain in the Protoss campaign they said they're shutting it down. Plus it's just an unnecessary risk if they lose it. It wasn't particularly secure.

And the sequence of events is just messy.

And yeah, SC2 has lame villains. The fact that we never see their perspective, and the fact that the game just cycles mindlessly between generic despicable Tal'darim, generic despicable Dominion forces/Moebius Foundation, generic despicable rogue Zerg broods/feral zerg/zerg swarm.

Rather than in previous games where there was a lot of development for who you were fighting and why and what they specifically wanted. The colour palette was used to signify a faction, whereas in SC2 everything's just kind of the same colour and you have good guys and bad guys.

Honestly, I don't think the soap-y aspect of Starcraft II is actually that bad. The primary difference between WoW and Starcraft II's usage of characters actually fits with how the game is structured. The story's focus characters are also the game's main characters, and you spend a ton of time interacting with other characters in an environment that's specifically been set up for that purpose.[1]

I actually rather like Kerrigan's character arc in Heart of the Swarm. I like Raynor's interactions with his rebel buddies (even if Tychus is kinda redundant to the story of WoL).
I dunno how, but I find WoL and HotS both incredibly straight-forward and predictable, and they pander to their audience. While also being massively inconsistent and chaotic and random.
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