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I've said my part about how I think the zerg fared in Enumerate, but I wanted to talk more about the protoss and terrans. In the SC1 manual, the protoss and terrans received a fair amount of plot threads and foreshadowing.

The Confederacy was dealing with the Sons of Korhal, Umojan Protectorate and Kel-Morian Combine, who all had substantial reasons to get involved in the Great War. All three had cause to overthrow the Confederacy: the SoK wanted vengeance, the UP wanted democracy, and the KMC wanted its guilds back. The UP also wanted to ally with the protoss.

The Protoss had the Akilae, Ara and Dark Templar factions with their own stakes in the Great War. The Akilae wanted to defend the terrans from the zerg, whereas the Ara callously considered the genocide of terrans to be collateral damage. The dark templar could have followed the zerg probes to Koprulu too, and its up in the air how they would take part in the Great War.

These plot points were dropped in the canon games without being explored, but oddly enough they suffer a similar treatment in Enumerate. There is no protoss timeline, for example. The author of Enumerate pretty clearly displays a pro-zerg bias, so I am not really surprised about this. Part of this also has to do with the chronology adhering to the broad strokes of the canon timeline, which as I just said ignored these plot points.

The author of Enumerate seemed to have misunderstood the position of the KMC, since the chronology depicts them as being the first target of the zerg despite the Guild Wars resulting in their guilds being claimed by the Confederacy. What makes more sense would be them trying to, IDK, take advantage of the Great War to reclaim their territories. They might even enslave zerg or reverse engineer protoss tech while they are at it (that is a key plot point of the Antioch Chronicles, for example).

The zerg and protoss leaving after the fall of Tarsonis doesn't make much sense either. That only happened in canon because Metzen contrived it to, but in Enumerate this doesn't make sense. The protoss are not wimps like they are in canon, so they would still have fleets in the Koprulu sector to fight the zerg and terrans. The zerg have been abducting psychics ever since they arrived, so it wouldn't make sense to suddenly make major withdrawal at that specific point in time (even if Enumerate specifies they leave a token force to exterminate the surviving terrans).

What should really happen during the Great War, if these plot points are integrated, is that the protoss would experience a civil war within the Koprulu sector due to the schism between the Ara and Akilae and the additional presence of the dark templar (who would have their own motivations*). The Umojans would secretly fund the SoK and try to ally with the protoss (probably the Akilae or the dark templar). The KMC would try to reclaim its former glory (through dubious means). The zerg would be performing their experiments from the moment they arrive as they keep sending the psychics they abduct to the remote hive worlds, eventually attracting protoss attention once the psychic signals become strong enough to cross interstellar distances.

(* Dark templar motivations could range from Ulrezaj seeking revenge on the khalai, Alarak gathering power for a coup against Ma'lash, Zeratul helping terrans fight off zerg, or anything else you could think of.)

Once the zerg send their swarms and assimilated terrans into protoss space, I assume the protoss forces present in Koprulu would be in a situation similar to the Asgard in Stargate SG-1. While allied with humanity against the zerg, they cannot spare many forces due to fighting a greater zerg force in their own space.

Speaking of the zerg invading the protoss empire all at once, it shouldn't be possible for them to do that unless they have hacked the psi matrix to make their own wormholes. While it makes sense they would acquire defense codes or something from Zeratul on top of their existing psychic warfare preparations, this isn't noted anywhere in Enumerate.

Removing the dark templar deus ex machina in favor of cerebrates taking time to replace a la Retribution shouldn't make a big difference on the chronology even with my suggested adjustments above (mostly because the scale is so large and the events are described in broad strokes). If distinctions like the insane or feral broods are needed, it should be simple to explain them on a case-by-case basis under the rationale of general psychic warfare. This also allows terrans and khalai to "kill" broods without dark templar help (although by the same token the broods are equally easy/difficult to revive).

Like, IDK, Zeratul relied on creating a psionic storm to kill Zasz and the Overmind (ironic considering that dark templar psionic storms nearly destroyed Aiur). When he killed Zasz it was completely unintentional because Zasz had easily killed his companions and was mind-probing him at the time; the storm severely weakened and would have killed him if a dark/void pylon hadn't recalled him at the last moment. Killing the Overmind required help from other dark templar and resulted in his death since he needed to stay behind to maintain the storms against the Overmind's own strength.

While I agree that queen of blades was a bad character, the basic idea of an infested terran controlling a brood isn't completely stupid. Terrans used psychic warfare to enslave broods, and canon had nanomachine treatments that could allow infested terrans to regain their sanity (e.g. Sistask, Morrik, Stukov; these were named "mutates" in one source). If you combine the two ideas, you could hypothetically have a case where a mutate uses terran tech to enslave a brood. The SC2 co-op commander Stukov is the logical extreme: combining terran tech with zerg biology in all his forces.

So Enumerate, while superior to canon, suffers from not being creative enough. The last I heard from the author was that he was thinking to revise Enumerate, but I don't know if he was aware of any of the points I raised.
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