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It's kind of confusing. How is Anduin even out of the Maw? The standard thus far is that to get out he'd need a player (or, being a Maw Walker as well, possibly Sylvanas) to take him out at the Waystone, which means he'd have to go through Oribos to then reach Bastion, by way of arriving there accompanied by either us or Sylvanas complete with her Mawsworn Red Flag armor and dark energies. So of those two choices, "us" seems most likely.

So do we save him, unaware that he's corrupted, and in so doing unwittingly unleash the Jailer's new minion on the other realms? Sounds like something that'd happen partyway into 9.1. Not between it and 9.0. So...did Blizzard just outright spoil an in-game plot twist for the sake of a (frankly kind of 'meh') trailer?

Or did they really do something as silly as take a major story development like this that belongs in the game at a pivotal point in the narrative and create it just to plop it into a commercial for the next patch?

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