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Originally Posted by Nazja View Post
Kinda annoying that players in the Kyrian covenant are going to unlock the title Hand of the Archon in a few weeks, knowing that by the time 9.1 hits it will become completely meaningless.

I preferred the Count/Countess and Baron/Baroness titles over the ones you can earn from the Kyrian and Night Fae covenants from the get go since their genericness makes them far more useful and multi-purpose. As an RPer, a noble title can always be dusted off and be of use.

The use of Hand of the Archon is far more limited. And once she bites the dust, who's gonna want to use it? What's the point of calling yourself the hand of an entity that died like a scrub?
I read somewhere that she doesn't actually die.

No source, can't confirm... but... if that's the case?

Not sure it matters... ARM raises a good point... is this a major plot hole?
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