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"Are there villains?" Yes, there are clearly characters that Blizzard wrote as villains for their actions during faction wars. Garrosh is the most recent example, and both factions raided him for it.

Whether you agree that what he did constitutes villainy is besides the point. Blizzard intentionally wrote Garrosh as a villain, and more importantly: they were able to convince the player base that he was a villain too.

Now, if you clarify that question as "are there currently villains"? You may get a different answer. Blizzard after all claimed the right to say "just kidding!" with datamining content. However, again that's going to depend on what Blizzard is wanting to do with the characters, and crucially, whether the player base is convinced by it. So far though, based on what I've read and what you linked in the past, the answer seems to be "yes".
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