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Originally Posted by Marthen View Post
Ultimately, is that wrong? I understand the fandom at this point just want their expectations checked out, but I simply can't be bothered by them not doing the obvious for the sake of it.
Depends on the motivations for leaving her out and how well doing so is handled.

Right now, it seems to me that they are simply leaving her out because they grew tired of her and night elves after Legion, and that they are doing so at the (slight) expense of the story; the least they could do is to provide a believable reason for her lack of involvement.

But I do not mind Jaina or Genn being at the forefront. The fact that the former got hurt during the siege does not mean that she MUST still be sequestered at an hospital. Nor is there any reason why all of the faction champions MUST be involved. It would certainly be neat to see them get a bit more screen time, but it is not a requirement.

The fact that Tyrande isn't involved, by itself, isn't that big of a deal to me to begin with. Like I stated before, I would be satisfied by a canon explanation (if it is sensible). But this isn't a lonesome incident. This is simply the latest link in a long chain of in-game events and interviews that have eroded the faith night elf fans might have had in Blizzard.
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