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Blizzard Why won't Blizzard make more games?

Call me a simpleton, but I wonder.

Why doesn't Blizzard make more games?

It's what videogame companies are supposed to do. There are lots of Elder Scrolls games. Paradox can't stop making new games and addons to old ones. A LOT of companies are set to produce HQ Medieval/Fantasy content nowadays, often cooperating with set properties. People lust for the heroics of old, wishing to find solace in such escapism.

So why does Blizzard concentrate on merely maintaining the existing cash-cows on life support?

Are there really not enough of those fabled MAN-HOURS to create something new and exciting? A new Warcraft RTS? A TES-level of detail Warcraft RPG set in one of the world's regions?

Is Blizzard wary of taking risks?
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