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Blizz's original business model (pre-WoW) didn't allow for new games to come about. They just weren't big enough. With StarEdit subsequent RTS editors, they were able to build up a fanbase that built mini-games for them, acting as a mini-publisher where they owned all profits. real reason to go beyond the big three games.

Once WoW hit, subscriptions became so profitable they needed to sustain them, creating a massive support base for their MMO while they used that for development of other games. Now here's where things fell apart, they put millions if not billions into funding a small set of big projects. SC2, D3, and Titan were meant to be pillars for the next generation of gaming to support the further growth of the company.

Except, SC2 hasn't grown the way Starcraft did, because that era of gaming was eclipsed by Blizz's own mini-games (MOBAs) and its maker community doesn't need SE2 to create their own games anymore. D3 was a failure on launch because they forgot core tenets of what made it fun (Easy replayability, PvP, and a Skinner box that wasn't a stock market game), and it's now too far gone to salvage. Titan, as we now know, was too ambitious. Blizz is not a company that innovates wildly, they take great notes from other sources (MMO's and games in general) and condense them.

So, they took a turn to where the market currently sits, F2P and DLC (e.g. overwatch skins). Hearthstone, Heroes, and Overwatch (FPS slapped over Titan's world) are all the future of their franchises, and it's very obvious that those games are where Blizz will continue to stand. They're, in a very real sense, just cannibalizing what's left of their primary universes (as those stories end) and putting them on top of simpler vehicles where far less development space is needed to create profit.

Blizz won't create more games in the sense that we're used to because the adventurous old-guard is being replaced by a more cautious new one that shies away from big gambles. When you get to be a company as big as Blizz is now, that's an unfortunately natural turn. There may be new universes every decade or so, and they may pick up new game styles, but it won't be in the big, bold way that we're looking for. Newer studios, where big, bold steps are needed to make a mark, will carry on that torch in its stead.

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