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Well, we've long noted that Blizz is a bit of a fuck up in terms of logistics. They are bad at expanding their business and working at peak efficiency. I am not a gaming industry expert but I strongly feel they don't get nearly as much bang for their (huge amount of) buck as other companies do.

Combined with that I think they have a policy of not making competition for their own games. Apart from the legacy RTS games but even there we won't be seeing another WC RTS for a long while it seems.
So they have WoW as their MMO, SC2 as their RTS, Diablo 3 is their RPG (kinda, can't quite classify Diablo), HotS is their MOBA, Overwatch is their TF2 clone/FPS and Hearthstone has the card game market covered.

Of those I'd only say SC2 and Diablo 3 are on "life support" and will need major new content soon if they are to remain relevant. Either a whole new game or a big expansion. Arguably so is WoW, but it still has lots of subscribers and will remain a reliable cashcow for years to come.

Now given all that, what niche is left to fill? What kind of game could Blizz release that is not competing with their other games? I can see some grand strategy like Civ or EU, but some GS elements could be glued to their RTS games and kind of were given the out of battle stuff we were doing in SC2. They could make a sort of Elder Scrolls like RPG, that shouldn't cut much from Diablo. Apart from that racing games are open but I have a hard time seeing Blizz make one (yeah I know about R&R racing), maybe some silly racing game like Crash Team Racing or Mario Kart feature some or all of their franchises?
And while it is not something we want to hear, given Blizz's money grubbing streak these last few years, they can easily opt to make some mobile focused game that can be done by five developers and that ends up raking in billions. I am talking about a game that would make Hearthstone seem hyper-complex and totally not P2W. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Anyway that is my analysis of things.

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