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Originally Posted by Aldrius View Post
I don't think I'm going to take the time to siphon through all that to find people's pertinent opinions. I mean fair enough, I'm sure there's good points in here that are worth considering, but I also highly doubt it's anything new anyway. Yeah, the 1998 RTS game is logically inconsistent. Sure.

But as far as doing what it sets out to do, stringing together exciting game play with fun characters and a fun plot it does it's job. It succeeds. I don't dislike StarCraft 2's campaign because of the inconsistencies or plot holes or whatever, though. The fact that they completely, directly retconned the story I blatantly already played through (for... dubious reasons) bugs me, but it's more just... SC2 isn't any fun for me.

I guess if I objectively compare them, and could objectively try to find a reason I prefer SC1 to SC2 it'd mainly be I just think SC1 is more fun and the plot is more substantial, it's more earnest and sincere. I think all these things are true.

Anyway, to try and guide the conversation back to WC3. I really would like to see them improve the item table. The Wand of Negation is so much worse than the Staff of Negation, Frozen Throne also has lots of cool unique items like Gul'dan's Shadow Orb and the Ring of the Archmage, and I think that's something Reign of Chaos would really benefit from.

Something like making Frostmourne an item and it getting more and more powerful the more Arthas kills things. Like every 50 kills is a +1 to his attack power or something. That's a little weird because it's not an engrossing side-mission like what exists in tFT, though. So maybe that wouldn't work as well.
I can't wrap my mind around critiquing StarCraft's story for not lining up with it's manual. It's a truly bizarre reversal.

The manual is irrelevant. It's tertiary material, secondary at most. The manual is not a story, it's trivia. The game is the primary source.

You can go into StarCraft without having read the manual and you'll be fine. I didn't read the manual until well after I'd played through the campaigns. I bet the number of people who read the manual at any point is quite small proportional to the number that played the campaign.

For the purposes of determining whether the campaigns in StarCraft and Brood War are any good, the manual is functionally irrelevant.

If the game's story and the manual don't line up well, then that's a problem with the manual. Not the game.
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See! Not everyone on the internet is so stubborn they can't have their opinions changed
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