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Yeah, if anything what we learned about Argus and the Burning Legion in Legion made it fairly evident that Illidan's big plan as it existed during TBC - and for which he justified his despotic atrocities - was doomed to fail due to Illidan's own self-important belief that only he could stop the Legion coupled with a lack of vital intel. Which was itself likely reinforced by his ego. He needed his plan to work, so the idea that his assumptions could be wrong didn't even occur to him.

And as it turned out, the whole thing had hinged upon three huge assumptions on his part that both proved to be false. Losses the Legion suffered on their worlds weren't permanent thanks to Argus' world-soul in Antorus, he no longer had the element of surprise after his raids on Nathreza, Mardum and at least one other Legion world, and thanks to the sheer scale of the Legion's ongoing expansion and the regeneration of their losses, the damage he'd been doing amused them rather than inspiring the sort of fear he'd hoped.

Had he and his Illidari - along with any fel orcs, naga and Broken they brought with them - invaded Argus, they would have been swamped by infinitely renewable Burning Legion reinforcements and crushed like bugs. Nevermind that without the recent events of Legion's questing/instanced content and WoD's ending it's likely that in addition to Kill'jaeden and Sargeras, Illidan's planned assault would have had to overcome the revived Archimonde and Mannoroth along with basically the entire intact hierarchy of the Burning Legion's most powerful captains and lieutenants.

Plus depending upon the actual source and timing of Sargeras' Dark Pantheon plan (which remains unclear to this day) they may have also found themselves having to face the fel-corrupted Aggramar as well.

The only reason his needlessly brutal and narcissistic reign in Outland didn't end in disaster for him and us is because Illidan and the Burning Legion both underestimated Azeroth. Had we not intervened as we did, driving out the Legion and shattering Illidan's hold there - in a few years' time (if not sooner) the Legion would have likely conquered Outland, absorbed Illidan's followers into their own ranks and then used the forces he'd spent all that time amassing for an invasion of Argus to attack us instead.

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