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The revolution will not be datamined

Yeah right, but it will be just like it was 6 years ago. The "told you so" lulz helps me but this storyline is pathetic even by Blizz standards so it is a wash at best.

And I know they will asspull something last minute to not make this a 1:1 with MoP but the truth is this story was too much like Garrosh's for two patches already.

But I did say so back when it was still "we don't know who did Teldrassil, could be anyone!" BS they pulled. So I have that "accomplishment."

They knew from last time they suck at making Faction War stories... and somehow they chose to do it again and succeeded in making it worse despite past experience.
That is legit impressive, in a horrible way, but still. Bravo Blizz.
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