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Originally Posted by Nazja View Post
People are already getting bored of classic, making claims that Blizzard nerfed it or (if they've finally put down their rose tinted glasses) realizing that all was not peachy in vanilla.

Whatever issues people may have with retail WOW, classic has even less staying power.
The thing is, so few people seemed to consider something the Blizzard Devs themselves have pointed out when it comes to raid difficulty, dismissing it out of hand as trying to baselessly handwave concerns or flatter raiders into silence when it really applies to the game in general. Namely, that we're better at the game than we were back then. Things that used to require planning and forethought are second nature by now. Things that used to be convoluted behaviors requiring persistent self-training are practically reflexive at this point. Activities that used to be long and painful slogs fly by without us even noticing.

A lot is streamlined, sure. A lot is easier, sure. But at the same time, players are still generally more experienced and smarter about how they play, and mentally conditioned to proof themselves against feeling the grind like we used to. I've puttered around on Classic just a little bit, and find that despite it being the same level of balance wherein once upon a time more than two mobs meant death and my coffers were always bone dry, now I rarely die and have more money than I ever gathered in such a short time during Vanilla just because I pull smarter, pay better attention to my surroundings and more routinely cash out my trash drops.

All without even thinking about doing it, because those behaviors are habitually ingrained in me from almost fifteen years of playing retail WoW.

It's just weird that so many of the people who demanded Classic because they felt retail WoW had dumbed everything down for the masses (as with those who insist that raid content is too easy) seemed to unwittingly lump themselves in with those "dumb masses," assuming a Classic server would provide the same kind of challenge for them that it did back in the day.

Except it doesn't provide that same challenge, because even in spite of the "casualization" such players disdain, they're better at the game themselves than they were back when they still struggled to attune themselves to each new raid tier. They're better at grinding, better at not getting killed, better at anticipating raid mechanics, and just all-around better at rapidly consuming and exhausting content in WoW.

All that said, I have at least rediscovered how much I missed the slow-text crawl option for quests. Really brought an RPG feeling to the whole experience, and I wish they'd bring back the option to activate it, as stopping to read quest text was a lot easier back when I didn't have to consciously remind myself to do it before clicking the "Accept" or "Complete Quest" tabs. I try my damnedest to read every quest on my main's first play-through of any new area, but after playing on alts for a while, the habit of clicking through things without reading starts to bleed through into my behavior when running on my main. At which point I curse, pull up Wowhead and hope the new quests are posted in a complete enough form to find out what I just missed.

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