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Default Battle for Azeroth - The Official Lore Thread

While faction war is raging in the BfA thread, let's go over what we know of the lore in the two new continents. Here's what I've gathered/remember:

Kul Tiras
-Was founded by Gilneans about 2,700 years ago (pretty sure Chronicle said this too).
-The kingdom is run by Katherine Proudmoore, Jaina's mother. There are four noble houses: Proudmoore, Stormsong, Waycrest, and one we don't know yet.
-There was a race called the drust in Kul Tiras before the humans lived there, and the settlers wiped them out. But the drust continued to live as ghosts, and now they have witch cultists in the present day and the Waycrest nobles of Drustvar have allied with them for power.
-The region of Drustvar provides weapons and sausages.
-The region of Stormsong Valley is where the ships are built. The sea priests devoted to the sea live here and bless all the ships made. They are under attack by dark forces from the sea (cough naga cough).
-There is a large pirate organization in the main region of the island, Tiragarde Sound, and they may be conspiring with another noble house.
-Also quilboar are on the island.

-Zuldazar is facing an insurrection by Zul's followers. We will work with Rastakhan's daughter.
-Atal'Dazar on Mount Mugamba is the ancient tomb complex for the Zandalari. Zul and his lieutenant Yazma are trying to resurrect the first Zandalari king. Yazma has taken Shadra's power.
-Nazmir used to be a jungle but is sinking into the sea as of Cataclysm, and has become a swamp. Bwonsamdi and other loa are here.
-Uldir is a titan complex in Nazmir where they researched and tried to find a way to stop the Old Gods. They accidentally greated a blood god named G'huun and so sealed him away.
-G'huun has corrupted and conquered the blood trolls, which the Zandalari see as bogeymen, as well as some loa like Hir'eek. Blood trolls are extremely primitive and extremely matriarchal.
-The desert Vol'dun used to be a jungle but the plantlife was devoured by aqir in the Aqir-Troll War. It is home to vulpera (fox people) and sethrak (snake people). The sethrak are a budding empire that magically spread sand wherever they go to change the environment for their comfort.
-Also tortollans are on the island.

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