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Originally Posted by Lord Grimtale View Post
A common complain I hear about the idea of "lightsaken" or whatever people are calling the Calia-led potential Alliance Undead allied race is that it would further make the Forsaken come across as less justified in calling themselves that and would take away them being torch-bearers of Lordaeron's heritage, also that it would further reinforce the theme that the Horde are the faction of bad guys whereas the Alliance get the nicer and more heroic races.

What does everyone else think? Let's just entertain the concept at the very least. How could Blizzard implement them while still addressing these concerns that Undead fans have?
I'm probably going to ruffle some feathers by saying this but i see no genuine reason Calia has to stay with the Alliance to begin with.
I'd guess that if Lightforged are the go-to Undead race (and i dont see that as certain either but ill get to that in a bit) that we're far more likely to see her step in after Sylvanas is, one way or another, removed from power. Nathanos certainly does not not come across as able outside military matters, assuming he doesnt go down with her. Furthermore, light or not they are both zombie races from Lordaeron at the end of the day and she has great significance to both.

It also bears noting this entire discussion assumes Calia is going to be joined by other Undead in her holy transformation. If so, what possible reason has Faol got to have not gone that route? It would certainly have made his neutral position easier. Maybe you can only be raised Lightforged the first time and all the current zombies are out of luck? If so it seems unlikely that that many holy Undead are likely to be Lordaeron citizens and at that point her entire significance as former princess is irrelevant.

Hell we can walk it back even further and question if shes even being set up for racial leadership at all. Whats to make Lightforged Undead that much more likely than San'layn? In the latters case, we already had a storyline and one notable setup and theres already a quote for them joining the Horde in-game even if they are strangely absent from said sides story. Furthermore, after Velves, the "too few for a race" argument has been pretty thoroughly bunked so even if they're mostly gone for good (Icecrowne brought several back for round 2 though so this aint 100%) the 2 unaccounted for ones are still out there.
Don't get me wrong, Calias definitely way more fleshed out and clearly is being built up for something but her current forms not even in-game yet and her revival was mostly unaligned parties. She could just as easily be an important neutral being setup for the ever obvious Light vs Void/Old Gods expack like Illidan was.

Originally Posted by Mutterscrawl View Post
I'm sorry how do you figure?
To be frank, upon rethinking my argument and going over the Horde questing again, I guess i don't. She's around but it is mostly Nazmir. So yeah, i'm just gonna admit my fault there. You guys are right,she's not as present as i claimed.

I still don't see them being able to take what they have with her and make anything remotely passable as far as depth is concerned anytime soon and would vastly prefer Rastakhan.

Originally Posted by Ujimasa Hojo View Post
Come on guys. Stop overthinking the Derek's state of decay.

We already had Thoras being in a better state of preservation than his son, Galen.
Thoras's corpse was likely given a proper burial with great taken to preservation. Galen was killed and left where he died. Furthermore the ebon blades horseman based revival was definitely atypical as it was able to raise even Whitemane despite Voss's deliberate ensural she would stay dead. Hell come to think of it, wouldnt tirion have been borderline incinerated after Krosus + fell lava?? Yet Darion had no doubt of his return either. It likely reconstructed him completely as part of the spell.
All in all, this seems like a poor comparison.
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