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Originally Posted by Sa'danak View Post
Hell come to think of it, wouldnt tirion have been borderline incinerated after Krosus + fell lava?? Yet Darion had no doubt of his return either. It likely reconstructed him completely as part of the spell.
All in all, this seems like a poor comparison.
Well, technically Tirion didn't actually die until later, and judging by the lack of catastrophic burns either the Light may have protected him to some degree from the lava and Krosus' flames or perhaps the Legion deliberately rejuvenated his body so they could continue torturing him until the paladin player arrived to free him.

His actual death came from wounds inflicted by one of Balnazzar's Jailers, and since he wasn't visibly affected by his dip in lava by that time, it would seem his remains were interred mostly intact.
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