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Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
I'd be pissed if I was still deep in the game. For a long time I and people like me wanted a more nuanced portrayal of the Forsaken. Focusing on the duality of going from a normal everyday person to a monster. Dealing with peculiarities of undead existence. How they deal with all the horror they endured and caused while under the thrall of the Lich King. And ofc the legacy of old Lordaeron.

If they would to give all of that potential that was hardly if at all realized among the Forsaken themselves and cart if off to a new race, on the opposing side no less well that'd be like making a wound and then salting it just for added spite.
Except that Alliance undead the way I, Grim, and many others want them are not mutually exclusive with more diverse Forsaken, so like Grim implied, using it as an argument towards being upset is not particularly sound, and as far as I am concerned, it feels rather self-serving.

I've been saying since Vanilla that if playable undead must have been part of the Horde, they should have been neutral like the Pandaren. Those wanting to shun humanity and move completely onward from their past would gravitate towards the Horde, those wanting to reconcille with their old life, beliefs, humanity would gravitate towards the Alliance. A potential allied race is not th way I would handle the issue, but it is better than nothing.
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