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Originally Posted by Krainz View Post
Not to mention that Mok'nathal are more pallatable, appeal to a wider audience and are even closer to the silhouette of a Vrykul than Kul Tirans are, putting salt on the wound of Alliance fans.
Honestly vrykul wouldn't work for the same reasons as ogres. People calling for them to be playable tend to overlook just how big vrykul really are. Night elves and draenei generally top out around a vrykul's midsection, meaning the vrykul in-game average twice as tall (and proportionately, at least twice as wide across) as the two tallest Alliance races.

Well, they did anyway. Strange as it is to think about, if the standard size of Kul Tiran NPC's in-game caries over to the player models, as of 8.1.5 humans may in effect become the physically largest race in the Alliance, surpassing both night elves and draenei in height and bulk.
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