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Originally Posted by ARM3481 View Post
I don't know, I could as easily see such a thing implying playable Mok'nathal, and they'd at least be viable scale-wise without compromising their thematic "look."

The thing is, ogres are supposed to be bigger than players. So big their thudding footsteps often resonate in-game when they run. So big their gait has to be animated slower than any of the player races' to produce the proper effect of something massive lumbering around. So big their most basic racial props and buildings are all visibly scaled-up to be larger than the equivalents for player races.

Having ogres that are small enough to function as player models in the same environments as existing player models feels to me like it'd defeat the whole point of their being ogres. I'm not saying it isn't something Blizz would go ahead and do anyway, but it just doesn't strike me as a particularly great idea.
Mok'nathal are a possibility as well, but I think ogres would be better.

Ogres do not need to be as big as the NPCs. The NPCs are often scaled up a lot to appear impressive, but playable ogres could be just a tad bigger than tauren. Someone in the official forums said he used Kovork's disguise and a potion of giant strength and walked around Silvermoon, Orgrimmar and other places. As per his account, he was quite big, but didn't have any trouble passing throug doors.

Another thing that calls my attention is Rexxar's face. As I compared above, it's an HD model of the old ogre (pre-draenor) face. I remembered back in WoD some interview where someone questioned if ogres in the old world would be updated, and Blizzard answered that the WoD model wouldn't be used to replace old world ogres, that those would be updated eventually.

Plans change, of course (still waiting the permanent Dustwallow Marsh update that was supposedly coming after the Theramore event), but I think the kul tiran model could be a good opportunity to make ogres playable AND replace the old world models.

I really think we may see that by the end of BfA. If not ogres, then mok'nathal. But I'd prefer the former.
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