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Originally Posted by Taintedmage View Post
If I understand correctly, the entire lore reason why the class factions are supposedly getting together is because the Horde and Alliance are too busy at each other's throats (again) in order to effectively deal with the Legion so it's basically up to the "neutrals" to stop the Legion since the others just can't stop killing each other.
As far as I know, not really. I watched the presentation, read the interviews and web, and I think this is not really a case. It is just a misconception, albeit the one founded upon Blizzard's clumsy writing (once again). Yes, there is this quote, but as they explained in the same presentation (and in subsequent interviews) this quote appeared in, it is not really meant as; the Alliance and Horde are fighting each other instead of fighting the Legion, so the class orders need to do it for them, but more as; after the Broken Shore, the Alliance and Horde are devastated and in a state of complete disarray, yet even in this situation, they are not able to work together and blame each other for the whole situation, so the class orders need to it for them. It might look as a minor difference, but in my opinion, while the first one is nonsensical, the second one actually is plausible, to a degree.

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