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Enjoyed hearing your first impressions. I'm by no means a dedicated diablo player but when overwatch closedbeta went down I ended up coming back to try it for a bit. Really really enjoyed it thus far. Finally came to terms with something that hindered my enjoyment of the game previously: that the game is super ultra mega chill.

I'm the type that can get their hands literally shaking from adrenaline in video games (ex. Overwatch overtime or Dayz) and yet even in the most dangerous of fights in D3 with grift guardian and multiple elite/rare packs where I can get 1 shot (dh), its still not enough to elicit any sort of emotional response from me.

THAT SAID - I don't think its a bad thing. Its nice to have a game like that. I don't expect to be super engaged by Diablo anymore, its kinda just a mindless grindy chill activity, and so I'm not so disappointed by the lack of mechanical difficulty.
And with all the Season journey stuff, the paths of progression at end game are clear and streamlined, a big difference from when I last played where I would hit max level, get bored and simply start a new character. The set you get for free at 70 is a dope addition to launch you into endgame too.
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