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I found TotalBiscuit to be a bit of a pretentious windbag, if I'm honest. How he acted like he knew video games better then developers or people who designed them. I still remember his epic meltdown that WoW was too easy because he was able to level to 85 without dying in Cataclysm.

Not to mention all the times he told people to "get cancer and die". He never really came off as a likable fellow.

THAT BEING SAID I am not a complete asshole, so I send my sympathies to his family. No one deserves to die as such a young age.
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Fuck your dumb gamergate shit I'd rather be pegged by Sylvanas than read it.
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Just remember, the Alliance is only ever allowed to passively defend itself against the Horde, and Taurajo was Azeroth's equivalent of the Holocaust.
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