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Originally Posted by Noitora View Post
So do we just not take his head like Onyxia, or DW took that too?
The Horde killed him originally. No mention of what happened to his head afterwards.

As for Al'Akir, he was defeated by the H & A, but something new of note. He wanted the Forge of Origination to scour every creature from Azeroth, not DW.

Also something new I found out. The whole Burning Crusade expansion?

It was thanks to KJ. KJ manipulated the Alliance and Horde into invading Outland to kill Illidan. KJ wanted Illidan out of the way and we did it for him without realizing it.

Also, the four Dreadlords who kept an eye on the LK made themselves immune to the Frostmorne's soul stealing ability. Any other creature, including dreadlords, would have their soul sucked into the sword.
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