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Originally Posted by Galdus View Post
It was neutral, but you still played as Sylvanas in TFT's Undead Campaign where she broke away from the Scourge. They weren't going to not have the undead available as an option for WoW, yet the picked faction system ruled out the Scourge. And so, the Forsaken was playable.

The Night Elves didn't really have a split on the level of TFT's Undead Civil War.
Well except that it wasn't really a civil war, or at least not just a civil war: it was a rebellion. You are clearly playing as the Scourge when you play melee: the Forsaken don't have acolytes, crypt fiends, necromancers, frost wyrms, liches, crypt lords, death knights and so forth. No-one who played undead gave a shit about Sylvanas, we were all for the Lich King!

The Forsaken is to the undead what Alterac is to the humans. Or perhaps it's more like the Syndicate.
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