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Originally Posted by Commander Rotal View Post

Ten bucks say "Don't expect vanilla Classic". Which is reasonable; they need to make money of this.
It's really not.

Expecting this stuff to change eventually is one thing but if they go into the server launch with the "we're changing stuff, too bad" line off thought then you're going to lose a large portion of the initial audience right off the bat and cast a cloud over the whole thing from the get go. If the "TRUE vanilla or gtfo" group don't get what they want you can expect them to do everything they can to run the whole thing into the ground. Considering a large number of these people have been playing classic on private servers on and off for ages you can be certain they're dedicated.

Besides, I'll bet a large portion of the reason they're doing this is for the same reason they did the Wow token. That is, to do some serious damage to another entity leeching off their work. If they chase away all the people who want to support the official company by not giving them what they want then there's no chance private servers stop being a thing anytime in the near future, hell they may even have a resurgence from all the controversies attention. An outcome I doubt Blizzard would like.

That all being said, the smart move would be launching as true vanilla, letting that stick for half a year and letting the community absorb how things are and come round to change on their own. The die-hards may never change but i'd be surprised if most didn't come round on class balance changes. There's just a real apprehension for the slippery slope thoughtline that if Blizzard changes one thing then it'll never end. They're not even wrong in a lot of cases. Wows been round long enough to see how plenty of things players whinged about until they got ultimately weren't very good for the game.

Personally. I favour class balances but even that idea isn't as easy as it sounds. For example: Paladins don't have a taunt in vanilla. Assuming we want the spec to work in high level content: does that mean it's ok to add one? You fucked up if you picked anything but a Dwarf Priest because of Fear Ward. Should that remain? There are many more changes like that to be considered and that's without even getting into the stuff that sets me on edge: Plenty of abilities in vanilla were very niche. If they're balancing classes and they determine something isn't necessary then what stops them throwing out the old bs "pruning" line?

The deeper you go into this, the harder it gets. There is no "Just do class changes". Everything is linked and every person draws the line somewhere else. I expect many a migraine for whoever is in charge of this at Blizz.
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