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Originally Posted by Commander Rotal View Post
How do "want true vanilla", "wouldn't mind this" and "alteration from true vanilla" go together in any way, shape or form?
Well, obviously not very well. What I meant was that i doubt anyone would mind that in terms of it fitting the way vanilla used to do things but that it also, obviously, was not a thing in a vanilla so the point is moot. This was all meant to be in jest anyway, i've just phrased myself poorly.
Originally Posted by Commander Rotal View Post
Besides, farming the gold for it will be attunement enough. 'member how much that shit cost, with no dailies to help a little? Rotal remembers. Classic WoW's gonna be a rude awakening for many people.
To be honest, I barely got to experience Vanilla endgame and its half the reason i'm so amped about this project. I hit 60 on my first toon like days before TBC released.

Not that that changed much for mount grinding, TBC just shifted the target from epic riding to epic flying. Both cost your soul.
I still have a picture perfect map in my mind of the damn elemental plateau after the weeks i grinded primals there for...
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