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Originally Posted by C9H20 View Post
As you just said, yes and no. On one hand for the vast majority of players the racials don't matter. But for those who are pushing themselves to be the very best that 1-3% difference you get from having the best racials is worth a race change. And it is also worth raising a massive stink over like how people did for Arcane Torrent recently, the troll racial back in the dino patch and Every Man for Himself (which btw I always thought was a silly racial, how heroic is it to have a racial devoted to being selfish bastards). It does add up as shown by the staggering number of human PvPers, especially during the heyday of EMfH. Also if you are cynical you can make the argument that having lots of racials serves Blizzard since people will flock to the race with the strongest racials (paying $$$) which then provokes QQ which provokes a nerf and the cycle goes on from one fotm to the next.
And makes even less sense on a race whose other racial is diplomacy.

Should have given it to blood elves.
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